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Vintage Geek Museum

Are you a fan of vintage computers? Welcome to your new mecca—Vintage Geek—where the computers and technology from the past come alive!

Step back into the heyday of personal computing at the Vintage Computer Museum, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Explore a rich array of computing legends like IBM, Apple, Commodore, and Radio Shack, alongside rare and lesser-known gems. The museum isn’t just a display; many machines are operational, inviting you to experience the nostalgic click of their keys firsthand!

While we’re still constructing exhibits, we’re excited to offer exclusive preview tours. For Vintage Computer Museum members, indulge in personalized computer sessions with the machine of your choice. We look forward to your visit!

What is the Vintage Computer Museum?

The Vintage Computer Museum is a dedicated video channel releasing weekly episodes spotlighting computers and technology spanning the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

It’s also a hands-on vintage computing destination in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Join host Aaron Ishmael on a journey through computer history. Each week dives into the world of tech as he unveils vintage computers, from renowned classics to hidden treasures. Occasionally, you will explore other vintage wonders too.

Exploring Tech History

Aaron Ishmael, the proprietor of the Vintage Geek Museum located at 100 West Magnolia (formerly the AAA building boasting an unusual decorative tower), was raised amidst the swiftly evolving technological landscape. His father’s occupation in a radio station, and his mother’s career in education, all placed him at the forefront of one of the most significant technological revolutions in human history. Presently, he shares this captivating journey with the city through his creation, the Vintage Geek Museum.

The story of how he established his unique museum and how it found its home in Knoxville, Tennessee, is quite a tale.

Discover More about Knoxville here.

Unique Vintage Geek

Explore a plethora of categories at Vintage Geek, each offering a unique glimpse into the world of vintage technology:


  • Rare and Oddball Computers

  • Computer Games

  • Educational

  • 80s Computers

  • Peripherals

  • 90s Nostalgia

  • Apple

  • Coleco

  • IBM and Compatibles

  • Tandy/Radio Shack

  • Unboxing

  • Panasonic

  • Commodore

  • Free Content

  • Vintage Geek Extras


Discover rare and oddball computers alongside an array of peripherals, unboxings, and an assortment of free content—all designed to delve into the nostalgia of vintage technology!

Schedule Your Visit

Excited to explore the Vintage Computer Museum and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of vintage tech? Plan your visit today!

  • Tour Availability: While our exhibits are still in progress, we’re thrilled to offer exclusive preview tours. To ensure an enriching experience, these preview tours are available by appointment only.
  • Member Privileges: Vintage Computer Museum members enjoy the added benefit of personalized computer sessions during their visit. Become a member today to unlock this exclusive opportunity.
  • Vintage Geek Merchandise: Enhance your vintage tech experience with exclusive Vintage Geek merchandise available at our museum store! From retro-themed t-shirts to collectible memorabilia, take a piece of tech history home with you.
  • Larger Group Tours or Questions?: Are you in need of a larger tour group? Or any other questions about scheduling a visit? No problem, reach out directly to us at

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Vintage Computer Museum and share the wonders of vintage technology with you!

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